October 23, 2016

Do you keep a journal? I’m reading today that Capt. Sullenberger of USAir pilot fame is a faithful journal keeper. I have taken spells of journal keeping for all my adult life but never really been diligent about the task. I’m always torn between either keeping notes on what’s happening or detailing my thoughts and feelings about events, people, and places. Mostly I decide to simply live my life and forget the note taking. So, I’m wondering: Do you keep a journal? Why or why not? If you haven’t kept a journal, do you wish you had? Or do you just say, “Who cares?”



3 Responses to “Journaling”

  1. ashleyjoyce Says:

    Journaling is forgetting about ego and telling it like is, like you feel it. Journaling is communicating with your spirit. Journaling is your line to the Universe!
    Journaling keeps me in touch with “me”. In a world that is pulling me in all different directions, journaling gives me focus. Journaling helps me explore new and old paths, to guide me on my happy life journey.
    Journaling will give you answers you are looking for, when life loses focus. See your light shine, when you journal.
    Jimmy Walker, you have a bright light; give your little spirit a spark and journal. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the glorious and inspiring comment.

  3. maninheaven Says:

    Ditto Anonymous. Gorious and inspiring comment from Ashley.

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