The best cameramen at the Olympics are drones – Quartz.


Meet Google’s Robot Army. It’s Growing..

This a collection of facts (allegedly) from Mental Floss magazine. They are quite amazing and, hopefully, true.

65 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind | Mental Floss


Fun Factoid

September 24, 2013

I have written here about my experience with Vertigo, a seasick like, nausea inducing experience. In that regard, here’s a fun factoid from the NYTimes:

The word “nausea” derives from the Greek for “boat.”

Quick Study: Neuroscience: Crosswords don’t make you clever | The Economist.

Sadly, Crosswords are no shortcut to brain development. Over and over we hear that exercise is the most important way to improve brain function. Second is diet. and third is social interaction.  For the sedentary, overweight introverts among us (that’s me), this is not good news.


Photo by Stephen Guisard

Are the Stars You See in the Sky Already Dead?

You’ve heard it said that looking into the night sky is like looking into history.  Many of the stars you see, according to conventional wisdom, actually died many years ago. Actually this is not true.

Mars Curiosity rover sings Happy Birthday, dares Earth to collect royalties | The Verge.